Marina Degli Estensi  

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Built on the southern side of the city of Comacchio, Marina degli Estensi is part of Porto Garibaldi. It develops over a 33,000-square-metre surface and it includes many floating piers, a shipyard equipped with a fixed crane ( 3.5 t), a mobile one with a range of 20 tons and some slipways. On the northern side of the quay, there's a filling station, open from 08:00 to 19:00. The marina also offers boat assistance, maintenance and launch operations.

The marina is 24-hour accessible through a channel port and, after about half a mile, another channel called Canale delle Vene on the left, which is 4 metres deep and signaled by some fixed green-and-red lights. The dry dock is well-sheltered from both waves and winds but approaching the port in case of sirocco and north-east wind is quite impossible. Moreover, tides often create an opposite stream up to 5 knots all around the area of Comacchio, by generating drops of about 1 m.

The built-up area of Comacchio lies on 13 islands linked to each other by some bridges. The historic centre is still well-preserved. The economy of the city is based on fishing, seaside and natural tourism. Among the most interesting and beautiful architectural attractions, the abbey of Pomposa is certainly the most popular one.

The municipality of Comacchio also includes the so-called Lidi Ferraresi: seven seaside villages, charaterized by wide sandy and equipped beaches, which extend over about 25 km along the coastline of Romagna.

The Valleys of Comacchio are a series of contiguous brackish lagoons, which are home to a great variety of plants and animals, such as wild rabbits, real mallards, herons, cormorants and pink flamingoes. The Valleys are linked to the sea by some channels and they offer a plurality of charming natural paths.

In the numerous restaurants and taverns of Comacchio and the seven Lidi, visitors can taste some excellent seafood risotti, spaghetti with crabs, grilled fish and fish soups. A typical ingredient of the place is the eel. A popular Eel Festival, in fact, takes place every autumn in the city.