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That of Cesenatico is a channel port which serves two dry docks and a channel branch. Open at any time, it can receive 500 boats up to 20 m. Its entrance is protected and marked by two white docks equipped with green and red lights. The body of water in front of the port presents bottoms less than 3 m deep, so it's important to enter slowly. The sandy bottom inside the dry docks, well-sheltered from all winds, has an average depth of 3 m. In 2005, the port was restored and equipped with some canal lock gates which close the channel in case of high tide while protecting the village against coastal storms.

Along the entrance channel, you can find some fishing boats or tourist boats moored, in addition to many restaurants and shops. On the opposite side, on the contrary, the channel is interrupted by a road bridge. In this strecth of the channel, boats provided with a mast have to stop while small vessels can pass under the bridge and moor at Vena Mazzini.The skyscraper of Cesenatico, well-visible from the sea, represents a good reference point while entering the port, in addition to a large tank placed on a trellis. You can recognize the arrival of libeccio, particularly strong in summer, if clouds appear above the Apennines on the West. In summer, on the contrary, sirocco is forecast by a clear horizon on the East while rain is anticipated by some clouds to the North.

Cesenatico is a seaside town situated along the Romagna Coast, halfway between Ravenna and Rimini. Around the port, raises the historic centre of Cesenatico, with some interesting monuments and attractions, such as Piazza Pisacane, the 19th-century fish market, Piazzetta delle Conserve and Piazza Ciceruacchio, the ancient site of the Pretoria Tower, which once defended the port against enemies, and the floating Sea Museum.

The beaches of Cesenatico are equipped with sports fields, playgrounds and services.

Cesenatico and its region offer an excellent culinary tradition based on tagliatelle, lasagne, pappardelle, sausages and the typical piadina.