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Vela Luka (Vallegrande in italian). Sailing in Southern Dalmatia there are some places not to be missed. The location described here is not among the best in the area, as it has a more commercial and industrial spirit than tourist but in return it offers: tranquility, one of the safest shelters, tourist traffic very low and a large possibility of supply because the city has all the commodities.

Southern Dalmatia is characterized by large islands that are located between the town of Trogir and Dubrovnick (in Italian, Ragusa). Coming from the south it is advisable to stop first in Montenegro where fuel prices are considerably lower. Coming from the north, boater that has organized a more active holiday, can consider a stop in Hvar, considered the "Rimini of Croatia.

Vela Luka is the second port of the island of Korcula, there are many boaters who choose to stop here since the bay provides good shelter and a safe berths. The town is one of the largest in Southern Dalmatia, so it has all the facilities such as a refueling station, harbor master, pharmacy, doctor, etc. During the summer they are organized, many events especially dedicated to local music.

People interested in history and archeology can not miss a visit to the "Great Cave", the site has been continuously inhabited by man in prehistory, for thousands and thousands of years and is recognized as one of the most interesting in the entire Mediterranean basin. There are artifacts, which attest the presence of man in this very cave 18,000 years ago. It has been found human skeletons that are now in the Archaeological Museum of Vela Luka.

The entrance to the gulf and then to the port, is well pointed out. Available berths are those to the east of the distributor (flashing light green 3 seconds), 500 meters after the south pier, where it is not possible to moor because it is destined for direct ferry to Split. Prices are good at 1.64 euros per linear meter.

Vela Luka is about 40 kilometers from the town of Korcula, the whole island is about 50 kilometers long. The southern coast is protected by the bora and it is easy to find several coves where you can stop. The southern coast is protected by the bora and it is easy to find several coves where you can stop, but Vela Leuka is the only one that offers protection also from the sirocco. Remember that this wind often, brings clouds and thunderstorms, especially in the winter season. In summer sirocco appears more rarely and tends to last two to three days. You must apply proper attention to how you anchor, because sometimes it happens that in the southern Adriatic Sea, sirocco at its final hit, turns from south east to south west.

During the summer time, in this area it is possible to tune into VHF channel 73, to be constantly informed of the weather situation, the newsletter is communicated in several languages, including Italian. For those who have a radio, they can tune in on Radio Split, which broadcasts a more detailed bulletin in Croatian and English first at 7.45, then at 14.45 and finally 21.45.