Ubli Lastovo 

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Ubli is a small town on the island of Lastovo with a ferry pier. It performs the functions of the port of entry in Croatia and here there is the only gas station in island. The mooring is performed on English style, in done at about 3-6 meters from the dock when the ferry is not present. Mooring is usually occupied by fishing boats.

The bay where is located the port, is closed from the island of Prezba. A bridge that separates the other loop of the Mali Lake connects the two island.   This part of the bay is stroked by the strong Bora that can enter the channel reaching the most protected area in the west side. In front of Ubli, the Bora blows mainly from the north. For the night landing, the red guide light to cover the dangers on the right, is obscured by the islet dispersed at the entrance.

Ubli is connected to the port of Split by ferry or catamaran. The ferry that stops at night makes plenty of noise, so it is not very comfortable to stay overnight on the dock. In the village, you can find the Harbor Master's Office, the Customs, a shop and a bar. The gas station for boaters, out of the summer season apply the split shift, while in summer season (June to September) is open all day.

With its hills and valleys covered with orchards, olive groves, and vineyards and its out of date villages, the island of Lastovo (Lagosta) is a natural paradise, 56 km square of unspoiled nature and popular tradition. On the island, there are many beaches and coves derived from the creeks of the jagged and often rocky coast. There are both sandy beaches and bowls. One of the finest is Saplun, one of the uninhabited islands of the Lastovo archipelago.

The Lastovo Nature Park is a protected area since 2006. The natural reserve includes the island of Lastovo and the surrounding archipelago and the island of Susac. In total, 44 islands, islets and rocks are included in the Natural Park. All the streets of Lastovo are ideal to be traveled by bicycle because of the small number of cars on the island. The road connects Ubli with the location of Lastovo and with Port Red for a total of 17 km. The inhabitants are involved in viticulture, olive cultivation and tourism. The gastronomic offer of this island can be enjoyed in the More, Pece and Peace taverns, local specialties are lobsters and oysters.