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Silba is part of the archipelago of the Kvarner Islands located in the Kvarner Gulf. During the summer, visitors from the ground frequent most of these islands as there are numerous bridges connecting them to the coast, for example, both the island of Veglia and Pago are well connected. Wanting to visit the archipelago avoiding the most intense tourist traffic,  Silba island is the best choice since it is located further out from the coast and the other has smaller dimensions.

Silba is very small, only 8 kilometers long and with a surface of only 15 square kilometers, and is also little inhabited, only the village of Selve is located in the territory. Tourist facilities are absent; those who decide to stay in Silba must rely on private homes. On a naturalistic level, the island boasts a rich Mediterranean scrub and beaches are many, mostly accessible by sea as the roads on the island are concentrated only in the village. Pocukmarak is the largest beach and also the closest to the center, blue waters and very clean, 100 meters from the beach stands the church of San Marco.

Silba has two ports, one western and one eastern. Both are quite limited and can not accommodate large size boats. The island, even for the facilities offered, is the perfect choice for those who enjoy the pleasure of discovering uncontaminated places. It could be a good solution a landing in a small harbor devoted mostly to the use made by the local population and for some seasonal tourists. Stopping at these landings is recommended to sailboats, which does not bother too much if the mooringsman has a fender less and knows he has a crew with people with adventure spirit and adaptability.

The port located in the western part of the island is very small in size and quite exposed to the winds; is used mostly by small local fishing boats, the pier instead is used to stop the ferry. The nearest town is Zara, which is about 30 nautical miles. The port located on the western side of the island, indicated by the coordinates at the beginning of the page, offers basic services such as water and electricity. Outside the harbor, there are some buoys but given that the place is subject to the bora, the choice of a mooring in the harbor is the best. Inside the harbor, there are several moorings. It is strongly recommended turn the bow to the right on the dock on your left, after entering the harbor, the area guarantees a depth of about two meters deep.

The sumptuous point visible from the sea is a 15 meter tall tower built in the nineteenth century by Captain Marinic in memory of an unforgettable love. From the top of the tower, you have a spectacular view.