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Primosten, in Italian Capocesto, is located in the area of the Šibenik archipelago. The resort is less crowded than the rest of Northern Dalmatia, probably because most sailors prefer to visit the famous archipelago of Kornati islands. In fact, the village of Primosten, 2500 inhabitants, is considered as the starting point from the mainland, for those who want to visit the National Park of the Crowned Islands.

Primosten from the sea has a rare beauty. The country is centered on a peninsula of round shape, which in the past was an island, but later an artificial isthmus was created. The peninsula in the past, was a fishing town, today it is a discrete tourist center, which has become such for the characteristic arrangement of houses nestled on the peninsula and for the production of red wine Babic.  From the sea, near the coast it is possible to note the many vineyards.

Primosten is easily visible from the sea; the cogent point of the village is the church of St. George, which was built at the highest point when the resort was still an island. It is also visible the walls of Venetian fortification erected in the 17th century during the battles against the Turkish Empire.

The port of Primosten is made up of piers where 4 mt deep water can be found while the nearby dock, has 1,5 mt deep waters only. Although in the Adriatic the phenomenon of high and low tides manifests in a fairly weak manner, there are different oscillations along the Croatian coast and it is good to be cautious when a few centimeters below the keel can make a difference. In Dubrovnick (Ragusa) the average oscillation is 35 centimeters but climbing up to Koper (Koper) you reach one meter. High and low tide change around every six hours, a time quite short and which may be less than the period when you decide to stay at the mooring or at anchor.

There are many buoys available right off the dock. The entrance to the harbor is well marked and has no obstacles. The commodities are limited and for what is offered, the prices are significantly higher than the rest of Croatia. The facilities are absolutely basic apart from a decent choice of restaurants.

The boats dedicated to pleasure crafts can not be parked in the east section because the other part is reserved for fishing vessels and service boats. In the high season there is a bit of traffic since there are numerous agencies that arrange boat excursions for the Crowned Island. Primosten has very well preserved buildings of the medieval village and that has not been affected by new construction. Boats, which have of a certain size, prefer to moor in the nearby new Marina Kremik.

For the boaters who prefer to give the ground anchor, the small bay of Primosten offers a great stopover. Standing in south you can stay away from the harbor traffic and enjoy the closeness of pine trees. The bay also offers good bottom for anchoring, natural protection from all winds, the village center is not far away and the stop is free.