Porto Volme 

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Volme is an Istrian village located on the peninsula of Premantura, the last farthest part of Istria, a few kilometers from Pula. Here you can find various commodities (pharmacy, food, bank, fuel distribution) and as in most of the Istrian coast, now highly touristy , you can find many services such as: rental of cars and water scooter,  there is also the possibility of practicing a great number of sports including diving. In the area are highly appreciated by the tourists, the cycle paths connected by different tracks and that allow long and interesting ride immersed in nature. The peninsula of Premantura is one of the most beautiful natural environments of the completely Istrian peninsula and intact also, thanks to the establishment of a "protected area". The flora is very developed and there are many species of orchids. On the coast, there are caves and islets and the beaches are rocky.

The port of Volme is located in Paltana Bay (Porto Olmo Grande). The bay is very large, in recent years, this area has been built a lot but you can still see open yards. The marina is part of a much larger complex consisting of villas and apartments. You can moor here, but first you have to stop at the station of the dock where you will find the manager who will address you in a marina mooring, where you can pay, even on one-day fee. Coming from the south, it is advisable to stay west, off and far from the Porer lighthouse with white flashing light (3 seconds), considering that  Istria depth contour is full of rocks and a shelving bottoms; in this area sometimes occurs the phenomenon of Crossed sea with very irregular currents reaching up to 3 knots. For those who want to go east, make a visit the island of Feloniga, where there are dinosaur prints, but be careful and approach the area only with very calm sea and days with great visibility.

Until a few years ago (during the hotel construction period), the area was avoided by sailors due to unpleasant events such as thefts presuming because of the construction site.  Now the "Aparthotel del mar" complex is very well visible on the left at the entrance to the bay. Lastly, the port of Volme is well disposed logistically because, in addition to offering good wind protection, it is well positioned due to its proximity to the peninsula of Premantura and Pula. We consider not suitable for sailors looking for tranquility and wanting to avoid cement.