Pasadur Lastovo 

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Pasadur (Porto Rosso) is the name of the village located within the same bay, in the western part of the island of Lastovo. The island is part of the southern archipelago of Dalmatia, among them the most distant from the mainland. The island is scarcely inhabited and the services are quite limited, there are groceries, a couple of bars and taverns. On the other hand, the fauna is rich and reigns in tranquility. Even during the summer, you can enjoy the peace and beauty of the nature of the place since the tourist inflow is contained. There are only a couple of hotels and the possibility of renting private homes but not much more. In addition, boaters, especially diving enthusiasts, frequent the island, Lastovo's backdrops are particularly rich in flora and fauna. In the vicinity of Pasadur there are two lakes of salt water: Velo Lago and Malo Lago whose visit is absolutely recommended, there are not sandy but pebble beaches.

On the island, the largest port is Ubli, where sail also ferries and hydrofoils for internal connections. Pasadur is located in a very special and fascinating area, on the point of connection between Prezba and Lastovo Island; there is also a bridge that connects them.

Pasadur is well protected by all the winds, the bay offers a good anchorage, and is recommended specialy for the northwestern bottom: best bottom and more protected. Near the restaurant there is a new and well-equipped dock as you can see in the video below. In high season, however, it is very popular and places are few. The restaurant has a good reputation and offers fresh fish with a fast and courteous service. The prices are higher than those of the area, both for the mooring for the restaurant. The commodities are perfect, water and electricity, bathrooms with shower and a convenient automatic laundromat; the pier has the depth of the water from two to four meters. Even the restaurant on the east bank, less famous, has some of the anchoring places in two and a half meters deep water, furnishing water and electricity. Mooring is free for customers. For night bay entry, refer to the red flashing light for three seconds on the left. Previously you meet the Struga lighthouse in a flashing white light ten seconds  27 meters hight above sea level, but if you are coming from the southeast, the lighthouse is obscured by the island itself.