Otok Zlarin - Sibenik Arcipelago 

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The island of Zlarin (Zlarino) is located inside of the Sibenik archipelago, near the canal, which then leads to the city of Sibenik, distance from the coast is only one nautical mile. Many joggers choose this bay for a stop before heading to Sebenico. If you have that intention at the exit of the bay of Zlarin, you have to keep an east view of the presence of a dry signal, from both a cardinal card signal and a blinking green light. (Five seconds.).

With signal, Cardinal system if the vertices of the two cones touch each other it means that the danger is to the east and must veer towards the west, inversely if they are the bases of the two triangles touching means that the danger is to the west and one must turn to the east. The signals are black and yellow, pay special attention to the colored part of the black tip, that indicates the direction to be taken as described above. At night, these signals can bring a white light, where a glitter means to go north, three sparks to the east, and six sparks south and finally nine sparks to the west.

The village of some hundreds of inhabitants is very cute, there are several dead bodies in the harbor, and both water and electricity are available. At the entrance of the bay to the west there is a pier along about twenty meters on which you can moor, although recommended only for boats with shallow draft, the depth is not more than two meters. The waters of the first pier are deep from five meters (head) up to three meters (docks); the north part is lying on the ferry. The shipping line Sabena - Slain allows connections with the mainland. At night, a white flashing light signals it, for three seconds. Continuing towards the harbor there are still three piers where, however, the depth of the waters oscillates between one and two meters.

The country has several services such as supermarket, restaurant and even a coral museum. This museum comes from the bond that the island has with this particular animal. Once there were numerous coral fishermen, who were dwelling on this island and even today you can find part of this activity with the presence of a store. Finally, the country is very quiet due to the driving ban for cars.