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Olib (in Italian Ulbo) is the port of the homonymous island that is part of the archipelago of the islands located north of Dalmatia distant twenty nautical miles from Zara. The place is very quiet and life here slows down, only a few homes of returnees emigrate with the natural environment that has remained intact for centuries. The inhabitants are engaged in activities such as fishing, agriculture and farming, in some cases only for personal use and family subsistence. Given the limited agricultural area and the lack of water, the island has never known economic development and therefore there is lack of cars and industrial facilities, and tourism has only come to a minimum and mostly constituted by passage; mainly for those who want to stay overnight, has to rely on private homes. You can find some services such as supermarket, restaurants and a post office. Interesting archeological finds and testimonies of the presence of man in the past centuries, in particular the ruins of a Roman village, a church and a monastery.

The harbor of Olib is located to the west where there is the largest bay on the island, we point out also the Bay Satinica the east, where lovers of sandy beaches and clear water will be satisfied, very good to take a break. But careful for a bath only, not for an overnight anchorage in the haven. At the port it is available, however, a jetty on which the ferry that makes the connection with the island of Zara passes daily, the water depth ranging from 2.5 to 4 meters, at night reported with white flashing light and red, three seconds. The pier is clearly visible in the underlying video from the second 16, hence it can be easily deduced that the berths are limited and mostly dedicated to small to medium size boats.  At the pier you can moor some mooring posts and have water and electricity, both north and south of these there are some buoys. The prices are higher than the average of the archipelago; the south side of the pier and various buoys are not protected in case of winds from the west, while the north side of the pier and the various buoys in that area, are not protected in case of winds from the north. Between the island of Silba and the western tip of Olib, pay attention of the cardinal signal of danger, which indicates to stay westward. So you have to pass closer to the island of Silba, but due to a dry, during the night is  marked with sparkling white light (9 scintillates every 15 seconds).

To the south of the island there is the famous white sand beach of Juzna Slatina where you will find clear water in which to bathe, suitable for families with children since it degrades very slowly. You can reach the harbor from Olib with a 20 minute walk along a path. From the sea, there is a dry entry into the west bay. In the area there is also a strong presence of aquatic plants, be careful during the anchoring phase to choose a clear place, where there is none.