Molat – Melada 

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The island Molat is a possible stop for boaters. This island offers the tranquility of the wild, intense scents of rosemary, and the minimum of commodities to replenish your pantry and continue  your journey.

The harbor is located in the north of Veli Rat, at the bottom of a deep groove occupied on the right by the dock of the line boats. At the far end of the bay, there is a jetty with 30 moorings for yachts with electricity, partly with buoys. Water is distributed at predetermined times with time counter. On the dock, there is a grocery store and a small building with toilets.

Entering into the gulf, the stone pyramid tower with the lighthouse on the Bonaster Point, serve as reference, along with some small houses in the bay. Those who approach Molat by boat,must pay particular attention to hidden rocks. At the mouth of the gulf, the waters are deep about 1.5 meters so it is advisable to pass only with calm sea.

From June to September every day of the week except Saturdays and Sundays, there is only one ferry connection from Zara, which allows you to bring the cars on the island. In addition to this, there is a line of linking catamaran that only carries passengers.

Molat is an island not far from Zara. Towards the northwest the Zapuntel Strait separates it from the nearby Isle of Ist,  while Veli Rat and Sestrunj are separated on southeast, by a short arm of the sea. It has an area of 27.74 square kilometers and a 48 km long coast.

Its name is derived from the honey production of the bees that feed on the flowers of the rosemary bushes growing on the hills and rocks. The island is covered by a thick Mediterranean scrub bushes and along the coasts, by pine trees. The coasts in the north-eastern side of the island are low and rich in bays and islets, while those in the southwest are steeper. From 1942 to 1943 it was allotted as a concentration camp that received thousands of people, before being launched in the fields in Italy.

The island has two mountain ridges in the middle of which there is the Zapuntel valley that reaches Brgulje. The eastern side of the island, from which extends a long and subtle promontory, overlooks the Adriatic Sea, while the western coast, more jagged, gives to Quarnéolo.

The main inhabited villages, Melada, Brgulje and Zapuntel are built on the medium heights of the island.

The beaches are mainly of two types: rocky beaches, with deep sea in the bay beyond the pier, where the ferry directed to the south, docks; and red sand and cement in Jazi bay, directed to the north.