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Martinšćica, in Italian San Martino, is a very small resort on the west side of Cres Island. At the port, there are few berths, made up of mooring posts and having basic facilities such as water and electricity. There are three piers, two to the east, one of which, the southern one, is used by the ferry to Fiume and the north one has a depth of 1 to 2 meters, so it is recommended to make a landing with the bow to the dock. The best location is the pier to the west (the third and where there is a red light), depth 3 mt. The linesman is present and the harbor is a good shelter from the bora (north-northeast wind) but not in the case of winds from the south. The entrance is signaled by flashing red light (4 flush per second). Approach with caution.

The port of Martinšćica is considered a landing place suitable for medium and small boats. Considering the lack of services it is advisable to anchor in one of the many bays between Martinšćica and Valun, which have a depth of more than 6 meters. Here we are in the gulf of Kvarner and therefore this solution is not to be taken into consideration in case of bora, here the bursts may be of strong intensity. If you are forced to an anchor with bora, pay attention to the choice of the bay, preferably those with vegetation, deep backdrops and protected from winds coming from the north and northeast. Between Martinšćica and Valun, precisely in the bay of Zanja, there is also the blue cave, one of the most suggestive places on the island, a slash in the rock several meters long and high at least 15 mt, where thanks to a particular light game, the waters assume beautiful colors.

If you have decided to land in the area near Martinšćica, the advice is to visit the lake, a rarity on these islands, then to reach Vidovici's characteristic village from which you can enjoy a full panorama of the gulf and look for some good fish restaurants. In addition, on the whole island is a lush vegetation that you will not find while continuing sailing south into other areas of Croatia. In fact in previous time, on the island there was a 'major production of aromatic oils made from plant growing on site, especially rosemary, bay leaves and sage. There are numerous beaches that stand out from the others in the area, thanks to the presence of white pebbles, visible immediately on the beach adjacent to the harbor. Near Martinsica you can also consider visiting the fascinating bay on the western side of the uninhabited island of Zeca, anchoring with a good backdrop and water 5 feet deep.