Marina Supetarska Draga 

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Marina Supetarska Draga takes its name from the homonymous village, overlooking the island of Arbe (Rab), 6 km away from the town of Rab, a natural sequence of the Mundanije valley. The bay of Draga is divided into two parts: Gornja (high) and Donja (low) Draga and is extended at the foot of the village of Supetarska Draga. Originally, it was a fishing village that over the years has developed as a tourist resort; in any case, it is not attractive only as a port for yachtsmen, but also for the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Supetarska Draga is a small archipelago with three small islands at the entrance of the valley, known for its clean beaches (most sand and pebbles) that attract families with children and a sheltered shelter that provides a safe place for birds to nest. Many passionate photographers and birdwatchers decide to reach Supetarska Draga.

It is sure that the tourist can appreciate many of the most beautiful beaches of Supetarska Draga, spread over the islets that dotted the bay and are therefore only reached by boat. Among the nearby places to visit it is remembered that on the side of the bay of Draga, opposite the marina, there is the small village of Gonar, located on the homonymous peninsula.  Gonar is equipped with several sandy and shady beaches; however, small piers and concrete terraces separate them therefore they can only be reached via land, through a path that runs along the coast (also possible by bike). However, attention on the high season, the beaches of Gonar are sparse and easy to find crowded. The Gonar peninsula looks westward; the bay of Kampor is loved by tourists and gourmets whose look after fresh fish.

A curiosity on the beaches: Paradise beach on the island of Arbe, was since 1934, the first in this area to open to naked people.  

Please note: There are many different types of houses rented: apartments, holiday homes and some of them have the moorage for small boats. The harbor and sand creeks and the three small islets (Maman, Sridnjak and Sailovac) offer protection and are ideal for diving, bathing and boating.  A worthy note: for the harbor entrance to the Supetarska Draga Marina: the head of the Sorinj and Kalifront capes, are valid point of reference at sea when coming from the north or west: Sorinj point with the lighthouse B Bl 3s 10m 6M, and point Kalifront with the headlight B Bl (3) 10s 11m 8M.