Medulin - Marina Puntica - De Mattei  

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Ports of Croatia - Medulin Riviera

The tourist landing piers De Matteri and ACI Marina Pomer, are the two smaller marinas of the Medulin Riviera (Bay of Meduli) and offer mooring services to the yachtsmen. They are located in Istria.

The harbor and the nautical services

The De Mattei has 84 boat moorings on the sea, distributed on 3 piers, and 50 on the ground.
Each port is equipped with electricity and water.

In addition to mooring, the Marina Puntica provides repair and maintenance services for inboard and outboard engines for boats, repair and maintenance of hulls, carpentry and locksmith services.

There are also two 3.5 and 6 ton cranes and a boat travel lift up to 30 tons.