Ist Marina - Dalmatia  

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The island of Ist, located in the Archipelago Zaratino, has a small jetty with dock for mooring of pleasure boats. The harbor is located in the village of Ist overlooking the bay of Siroka. It has 66 berths and is well-equipped, making the island a very attractive landing place for sailors.

On the breakwater and the small jetty north, there are moorings equipped with current and water. In high season, you can moor at a secured wooden jetty on the south side of the breakwater, paying attention to the shallow rocks. With Bora, there are very strong gusts of relapse and the sirocco form a little wave. It is not allowed to anchor to the west of the pier for the passage of the ferry. The port has mooring buoys, so in case of windy weather is better to improve the links within the dam. The marina is open in the period from April to November.

To reach the port, you have to cross Jabučni head to the south-east of the island, and proceed to Zapuntel Strait, between Ist and the nearby island of Molat and then into the bay of Široka. The village of Ist is located at the bottom of the bay and protected against Sirroco by a large pier. At the top of the pier, a passenger ship connects Ist with Zadar.

Ist for its shape, remembers a butterfly flying northward, whose wings are separated by a short and narrow valley between two creeks. In the village, there are shops, restaurants, Harbor Master's Office, Post Office and a dive center. Through a path, you can reach the mountain Straza (174 meters above sea level) above the town where there is a small church. From the top, you can enjoy a view on the Island of Molat and Dugi Otok.

The slopes of the hills are wooded and covered with olive groves and vineyards. Off the west coast are numerous islets, others are heading south near the island of Molat which is separated  from Ist by a channel.. The shore is lush and covered with bushes except the southern part. Here you will find sandy beaches with crystal clear waters inside small bays in the shade of pine trees.

On the local restaurants, they serve excellent wines and oils that accompany freshly caught fish, lobsters, polyps, crabs and seabreams.