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Many boaters do not choose to use Umag, as first Croatian port of landing because out of hand compared to other choices of harbors along the coast of Istria, which are best suited to a hypothetical voyage plan, for a boat that starts for example, from Veneto. However, it is sure that these ports along the Istrian coast are busiest pier and for tourism.  Further, in spite of the practices to be carried out at the Port Authority have decreased in 2013 with the entry of Croatia into the EU; the waiting time for delivery of the entry declaration and payment of the shipping fee (which varies depending on the length of the hull and the length of stay) may be long. When leaving the country you have to do the same procedure and to deliver the exit statement.

Umag offers great mooring services and a fast bureaucracy. In addition, the mooring costs are lower than all the other resorts on the Istrian coast. The village has a small historical center very well kept, with a square to be visited.  From the sea, you can notice the bell tower and the buildings built with the typical white stone of Istria, a type of limestone that has the characteristic to be corrosion resistant, corrosion caused by salt and widely used during Venetian rule. Umag is also considered as a sports center in the Istrian area, and has a beautiful hinterland dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and vines.

Umag is 40 km from the town of Trieste and north of the country, just behind the tip Savudrija, in Slovenia, where there is the village of Piran.  A typical Istrian town, just renewed and very well maintained which is worth visiting. Extending the route may be worthwhile, because Umag offers customs service and has a Harbor Master's Office open all year round and looks like a small tourist center. In the harbor of the port, the pier for customs is right after the entrance, there are also available the buoys at a modest price but not to be considered in the case of wind from the north. The harbor is very exposed to all winds coming from the north and northwest that generate wave within the bay. In summer, the problem of pronounced wave occurs in case of thunderstorm. To enter to the center of the harbor, you must be careful due to the presence of slums, even if they are  well marked by two flashing lights.

Located within the port of Umag, the Aci marina has a breakwater wharf and several floating docks. The port facilities are that it can accommodate mega yachts of up to 40 meters length, the capacity is 475 moorings at sea  and 90 berths on the ground, and important, the attendance of a 50 ton crane. The marina is well served with technical assistance and a nautical shop as well as a currency changer and a restaurant. Near the marina is Hotel Adriatic, from here an electric train leads up to the center of Umag.

In conclusion, the landing in Umag is definitely recommended; remember to hoist the Croatian courtesy flag on the outside and check the license (mandatory in any case in the country).