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Vodice is a tourist destination very appreciated and those who sail in northern Dalmatia, often stop there before coming to Sibenik and then continue with the ascent of the river Krka. The river is navigable up to Skradin where you can find another ACI Marina. From here, you can finally get to the waterfalls of Krka, by walking along a dirt road or by the taxi boats. The spectacle of the falls is worth, the long ascent of the freshwater river (the river maximum speed 5 knots and constantly keep on the right). The site is historically famous for the great availability of water, since in the center of Vodice square there are two wells considered as the symbol of the settlement.

Vodice is in a strategic position for the tourist because, in addition to being close to Šibenik and the Krka natural park is not even far from the city of Zara, further you can easily reach the Crowned Islands with  daily connections. In addition, there are numerous hotels, campsites and private accommodation, even the nightlife is not lacking. There is a choice between different localities near the beach but the most popular is the Hacienda, a disco with a very active programming during the summer. Vodice has a very good tourist offer also in the eno-gastronomic point of view and facilities for sports. It is therefore, a place recommended for those who want to spend some time to visit the hinterland. There are a lot of water sports such as scuba diving or water scooters and the summer sports such as beach volleyball, as well as inland sports such as tennis, soccer and basketball. There are also easily accessible facilities in the health like some message center, sauna and solarium.

The ACI Marine of Vodice is one of the few to have received the European Blue Flag, so the area is clean and the respect for the local inhabitants is high. In addition, the marina is in a sheltered position by the winds and is protected by two breaks (not illuminated). The harbor is fairly simple, the town is in a very wide bay, the marina is open all year round and at night it is well marked by a flashing lighthouse (5 seconds). By day instead  from the sea, you can easily see the very high hotel structure. To enter into the harbor you can refer in the north direction, to a monument that has the form of a torch. Special care is needed to avoid a dry indicated by the black danger isolated signal with red bands. You can enter staying far from the dry on both sides, but it is preferable to choose the southwest, on the right, because it is wider and more secure. The ACI marina is large and well equipped. All services are available including technical assistance, nautical shop, newly renovated bathrooms, 25 ton cranes, 40 ton travel lift. The fuel distributor is outside the ACI marine (depth of 3 mt, mooring difficulties with winds coming from the south).