Rovinj Aci Marina 

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The ACI Marina of Rovinj is located in the port of Rovinj, more precisely in the southeastern area, and is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Istria. Rovinj is a small town that gains its charm through its narrow lanes and Grisia, a real open-air atelier.

The ACI Marina di Rovinj is a port facility equipped to meet the needs of the most demanding boaters, able to provide security to moored boats and a good wind shelter, made up of the island of Santa Caterina Marina. The port of Rovinj is protected by Bora and Sirocco, but exposed to the Maestrale.

The marina is very frequented by large yachts that are docked along the outer part of the floating docks or in the nearby bay Lon (whose depths vary from 5 to 10 mt.).

The fuel distributor is located about 500 meters away, in the northern part of the harbor.

From the sea the port is easily recognizable thanks to the bell tower of the church of Sant'Eufemia, which stands very visible in the sky as it is located on top of a small hill.

A useful reference for entering ACI Rovinj is the Lam.b 4s 19m 7 M (45 ° 05 ', 0N; 13 ° 38', 0E) lighthouse, located on St. Euphemia's head. Coming from the South, you may want to remain close to the breakwater at which it is placed a green light.

When sailing around the island of St. Katarina it is advisable to pay close attention to the shoal that extends about 110 meters eastwards from the east coast of the island. Shoal with a depth of 3 meters, is indicated by a yellow and black conical buoy.

Inside the port are guaranteed a large number of services, many others are located nearby since the port is in the city. Restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, ATMs and much more are within easy reach.

In the vicinity of Rovinj, safe anchorages are the Valdebora Bay 1 M to the north away from the port, the Red Island (Otok Crvenj) and Figarola, characterized by sandy bottom, good holding ground.