Palmizana Aci Marina 

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In one of the most beautiful and sheltered bays of the Adriatic Sea is located on the north coast of San Clemente (Sveti Klement). The marina in Croatia Marina Aci Palmizana, within the Paklinski islands just off the island and the city of Hvar (islands of Hvar), one of the largest in Dalmatia, at a distance of about 2.5 km from the last. Palmižana is a destination well-liked by tourists and boaters, who find a nautical base ideal for boating the entire surrounding archipelago, dotted with beautiful hidden bays and isolated beaches.

Moorings and harbor services

Coming from the South: route between the island of Borovac and Sv. Klement. The passage is not signaled by lanterns and the depths are less than 5 m.

For boats coming from Rt. Pelegrin: Take the route to Baba's Rock. (Along the route between Hvar and Palmizana lies the island of Gojac).

The refueling service is not directly available at the Marina, but in the nearby port of Hvar - Križna Luka

The marina is well restored. The bay guarantees good protection from waves and winds. There are 211 berths available at the port, each with a water column and electricity.

The port facility is open during the period from April to October

Since the month of August, the Hvar harbor is always busy and can be difficult to find a boat somewhere to dock, the marina Palmižana is a great landing place, from which, at the cheap prices, taxi-boat for those who want to visit the wonderful destination the Tourist resort of Hvar.

In August, the overwhelming majority of the units mooring at the port are sailboats. In the case of marine landings were exhausted, you can moor in the south of the island at the Bay of Vinogradisce (not at all sheltered from the winds of the third quadrant).