Marina Aci Milna – Brac 

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Ports of Croatia to land - Marina Aci Milna

Splitska Vrata bay is located in the town of Milna, on the Croatian island of Brac, along the southwest coast.

The bay is considered one of the safest as well sheltered from all winds, and is therefore a very popular as tourist destination by sailors and also for divers and fishing.

Over the centuries, Milna has become the most important port of the whole island. ACI marina Milna, Blue Flag of Europe, offers 189 berths for docking at sea of pleasure boats and 15 boat places on land. The docks of the port structure are equipped with columns with electricity and water.

Services for boats:

Cranes availability (10 tons) and slide (120 tons).

Near the marina there is a shipyard specialized in the assistance and repair of wooden boats.

To the west of the site, there is a fuel distributor (mouth of the harbor of Milna).

Entrance to the harbor:

The bell tower of the church, located at the bottom of the creek, indicates the route to be followed to enter the marina ACI Milna.

The ferry line and the catamaran line guarantee a direct connection with Split.

Roadstead anchorage:

Before entering the harbor, on the North coast, there is a raft where it is possible to land at anchor, in a well-restored cove, surrounded by a pine forest.