Vis Island - Komiza 

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Komiza is located on the island of Lissa (Vis in Croatian), in the archipelago of central Dalmatia, a small fishing town and a popular tourist destination. The port of Komiza has mooring berths of about 30 boats up to 25 meters in length. The area of Komiza is exposed to the winds of Libeccio and Ponente, which create a remarkable wave motion. For this reason there is no mooring at the buoy, which is insecure. The port is very busy because of the many local fishing boats.

The berths are equipped with water and electricity on the dock. The end of the pier is for the use of ferries while pleasure boats and yachts can moor ahead on piers. There is a small shipyard equipped for technical boat operations. For the nighttime entry, the help is given by a flashing green light, three seconds, ahead of the pier.

Beyond to the Krizni tip, there is well-restored anchorage in the first quadrants and, further north, shortly before the Banacj head, there is a small pier where you can moor the boat.

The island of Vis is considered one of the most unspoiled islands in the Adriatic, because it is far from the mainland, very little inhabited area and for many decades, was a Yugoslav military garrison and therefore inaccessible. The flora and fauna are intact, and this small island is an ideal place for nature lovers and for those who want to discover new and enchanting beaches. The most fascinating beaches are all to the south, the interesting thing is that many of these can be easily reached by the sea but very little frequented.YouBe aware that these bays have all a rocky backdrop.  You must be aware that these bays have all a rocky backdrop. We recommend the cove of Pritiscina who has a particular morphology and colored stones falling on the red, hardly found in Dalmatia. You can also take long walks or go biking on the numerous paths. The inhabitants of the island are concentrated in two ports: Komiza, described above and Vis to the east where there are fresh fish restaurants and wineries.

Finally, we should point out the presence of the blue cavern to the south. A charming place that can be visited by anchoring about twenty meters southwest of it, and then continuing with a local small boat under payment, which includes entrance ticket, about 30 kune each person. It is advisable to visit it in the morning, when you can see the best watercolors.