Ilovik Island - Touristic Port 

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Ilovik Island - Touristic Port

One of the safest and most beautiful port facilities across the Adriatic Sea situated between Ilovik Island and St. Peter's Island.

The port of Ilovik, Croatia, has a length of about 1500 meters and a width of 300 meters. The company Porat Ilovik makes available this port for sailing boats and motor boats, and  equipped it with facilities for mooring and anchoring.

Boat berths

80 moorings along the canal and

30 buoys for the mooring

The harbor is well restored from the Bora, but anyway, it can have strong currents and channeled winds.

In the case of stable weather a good anchor is to the west of Male Orjule, a couple of miles to N.E of Ilovik, a wonderful lonely place, here there will be only you and the goats.