Marina Aci Port – Cres Island 

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Ports of Croatia: Aci Cres

Located in the center of the largest island in the Adriatic Sea, along the west coast of the island of Cres, on Cres marina, in the south of the port of Cres, it is an infrastructure able to accommodate large yachts.

The long gulf guarantees the inbound boats and provides good protection.

The berths of the Marina

Aci Marina Cres has 458 moorings in the sea, equipped with water and electricity, and 120 in land boat moorings. It is possible, after notice, to moor mega yachts up to 50 mt long.

Entrance to the harbor

Access takes place via a channel 400 meters long. The landmarks to follow are the headlights of the Kovačina promontory (white light) and those of the Križice promontory (green light).