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Zut Island is part of the Crowned Islands Archipelago and it is the second largest island of the group. The word zut means "yellow" in Croatian; hence the nickname "yellow island" despite of being a very green island. The name probably refers to the broom blooms in May.

In the northeastern part of the island, there is a very wide bay, protected by two ridges; within this bay, more precisely in the creek of Podražanj, there is the ACI Marina Zut.

It is a small size marina framed in a natural setting of rare beauty. This makes it one of the most important moorings in the Croatian archipelago. The seawater here is extremely clear and transparent, so that you can swim by diving directly from the moored boat.

In order to better preserve the conditions of the cliff, the pier with dead mooring bodies, is located 5 meters away from it, on a parallel line. This pier is then connected to the shore with a small bridge.

Boats with a draft exceeding 3 meters shall be moored along the southern section of the quay  or to the north end of the same.

All berths are equipped with sockets for supplying drinking water and electricity. However, these supplies can only be available at certain pre-set times:  being water highly rationed because of poor availability it can be supplied  from 8am to 10am hours  in the morning;  while electricity supply is possible from 8.00 am to 12 noon and later from 18.00 to 24.00 hours.

There is no fuel distributor inside the marina. The nearest place where you can find the petrol is in the Zaglav port on the island of Dugi Otok, 8 nautical miles away.

Facilities on the Marina include a reception desk, a currency exchange desk and a grocery store. Inside the port, it is forbidden to use the on-board services but the owners must use the sanitary facilities, toilets and showers, made available by the marina.

When the bora (east-northeast wind) blows with too much intensity it is strongly advised to moor the buoys or to the north of the pier. When the southern wind blows, the best anchorage points are those located in the southern part of the quay.

 Within the marina, there is also the Restaurant Festa, a restaurant with great reviews and with a small independent pier.

Sailing courses are offered by the Adriatic Nautical Academy, the sail academy of ACI founded in 1988.

The marina is open from 1 April to 31 October.