Veli Rat Aci Marina 

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The harbor is located in the northwestern part of the Pantera Bay, at the bottom of which is the town of Veli Rat. Marina Veli Rat is protected from all winds, is open all year round, and has 110 berths at sea. All berths are equipped with electricity and water (with chip card) only in the morning and in the evening for three hours.

You have to enter the bay, paying attention to the presence of a drifts  so you have to go south of the bright green buoy. In the northern part, there are numerous buoys for parking.   In front of a beach of pebbles, as well as in front of the village of Veli Rat, you have to keep as much as possible towards the West side.  You can reach then, through a narrow channel bordered by mooring posts that skirts the village, the bay of Porto Cuna, That is a sort of circular pond about 2 meters deep, where there are also some buoys under payment.

 Veli Rat (Punte Bianche) is located in the northern part of the island of Dugi Otok (the Long Island), the largest of all the archipelago of Zaragoza and Dalmatia. Of interest there are the underwater caves and the salt lake. Not far from Veli Rat there is the Punta Bjanka Lighthouse, the largest of the Adriatic with its 42 meters high, which invites visitors from all over Europe. To the south-east there is the Sakarunfamosa sandy beach, thanks to its white sand and the clear sea. The beach is 800 meters long and is surrounded by a pine forest that in summer offers the shade.

Dugi Otok is 45 km long and 1 to 4 km wide. The island is little inhabited, and even in the summer, it offers peace and quiet. Dugi Otok is the ideal destination for those who prefer to spend their holidays sailing with the boat every day in a different place, looking for lovely and special corners or a beach all by itself.

Around Dugi Otok there are dozens of islands and islets. Together with the Kornati forms the last outer barrier of Dalmatia. Presenting a remarkable morphological diversity with over 200-300m altitude over the sea, the island is also interesting for trekking lovers or just for those who would like to take a walk in the nature.

 The coast of the western part of the island, which houses the Natural Park, has high cliffs and bare limestone rocks that perpendicularly precipitate with a 100m jump in a deep sea from 36m (near the coast) to 65m (wider). In the south-east there are quiet bays and sandy beaches.