Aci Marina Opatija - Icici 

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The Aci Marina Opatija - Icici is located in the geographical area of Opatija, in northeastern Istria (not far from Rijeka, about 13 km) along the northern coast from Croatia.

A port that overlooks the Kvarner Gulf and is part of the Aci Club. It has 281 berths, plus 35 places for shipboard storage on earth. It can accommodate boats that have a length not exceeding 40 meters.

Inside the harbor area, you can find a restaurant and a bar, a cash desk, some fishing tackle shops and boats rental and sale agencies.

In addition, in this club the yacht owners can obtain the supplies of drinking water,  can use electricity, toiletries and showers, have access to Wi-Fi and laundry services, and as final  a repair area with sailboat workshops with slipway, and a crane that can lift up to 15 tons.

People arriving to Marina Opatija by car can leave it in the parking area.

No refueling station is available, but in need of fuel, you will be able to get the supply in the nearby port of Abbey, about two miles away.

The depth of the bottom at the entrance of the harbor is 7 meters.

Access takes place northeast and, coming close to the landing pier; you can easily recognize the club, by for the presence of the breakwater dam.

Within the port area, it is necessary to maintain a navigation speed not exceeding two knots.

The Abbey area (Opatija) has a mild climate and it is almost never struck by bora (east-northeast wind).  The most important mountain group in the area of Capo D'Istria - Monte Maggiore, offers further protection to the port.

The Italian border is about an hour's journey, the Austrian is about three hours away.

Bus lines allow you to reach the nearby cities and  the closest airports.  The closest to  Aci Marina Opatija- Icici   are the airports of Trieste, the island of Krk (Rijeka, about 40 km), Ljubljana (about 139 km), Zagreb (About 180 km) and Pula (about 100 km).

Near the harbor of the Aci Marina Opatija-Icici, you can find restaurants, hotels, apartments, camping, supermarkets and other commercial activities.

Close to Marina Opatija lies the Icici beach, located in the center of the city, surrounded by mountain ranges, small buildings and thick vegetation spots. It is a concrete beach with some gravel-paved parts, where you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, find baths, showers, changing rooms and a small playground for children.

The access to the sea is by some ladders. The promenade offers many commercial activities, including a stand for newspapers.

The beach is also popular with water sports enthusiasts.

The navy tradition of the city of Opatija is very ancient: already dated the 9th century BC. In fact, this area was inhabited by the Liburnians - a people belonging to the Illyrian -they constructed vessels using hemp ropes and wooden aisles, with which they reached to Asia Minor and the coasts of North Africa.

Trieste is about 70 km from Aci Marina Opatija-Icici .

Among the places of interest is the 15th-century Benedictine church of St. James and Villa Angiolina (nineteenth century).

Abbey is divided into 10 different districts.

The Monte Maggiore group offers hiking lovers the chance to venture out for excursions. From the highest peak of the chain-the Vojak- you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surroundings. On clearer days, you can have the change to get a view that stretches to the Venetian Prealpi.