Port Of Cannes Vieux Port (old Port) 

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The port of Cannes is one of the oldest parts in the famous city of the blue coast. The port is to the southeast of the famous Le Suquet, representing a strategic point for tourism. Actually , from the port, you can access the old part of the city center and the most tourist profile of Allèes de la Liberté with its well-known shopping boulevard and prestigious showcases.

The port has a capacity of nearly 800 moorings, of which more than 250 who are dedicated exclusively too short-term and offers the opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of luxury yachts stays. There are famous boats and prestigious celebrity’s boats, especially in the nearby coast of Antibes to the headquarters of the International Yacht Club.

In addition to the prestigious boat show, the harbor also offers trips and excursions to the Lèrins Islands, with the help of tourist boats serving and propagating the famous French Riviera. Cannes and its ancient harbor, are famous for their animated and empowerment of worldly events, which give greater splendor to the city and the harbor itself.

International boat and yacht exhibitions are often a reference point for luxury boats and boats that use such opportunities to give shine and visibility to major boat manufacturers. In addition, the ancient port of Cannes hosts the car salon in September and each year presents a fireworks show.

 This show, famous throughout the world, attracts to the port, the most prestigious boats, interesting more than 200,00 visitors each season. Nevertheless, the port, in addition to its notorious tourist profile and glittering, also has its efficient functionality to the most advanced naval activities.

In fact, the pier can also catch large ships, in order to unload goods, so far away from the seaside. All this, thanks to a pier that boasts 150 meters of extensions and a dock of 300 meters long for nearly 20 meters wide.

This ability and the presence of a naval yacht capable of accommodating yachts between 10 and 50 meters allows the Cannes harbor to host the famous Royal Races. Big billboard sea show, which takes place every year during the last week of September.

The port of Cannes is one of the jewels of the French Riviera and its construction in 1838 until today; it remains one of the most prestigious naval facilities for all boats in the world. From racing ships boats to Exhibition boats, through the most luxurious yachts on the market.

Among the major events that involve the city of Cannes, there are international exhibitions of boats and yachts (Plaisance Festival, in September).

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