Port Of Ile Rousse 

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Located on the namesake island, the harbour of Ile Rousse is an important reference point for French passengers navigation. Is is equipped with a marina which can receive 250 boats, 85 of which for transit. A 200-metre-long dock detaches from the coast of the island towards South-East and it's reserved for ferries and cruise ships. Recreational boats, on the contrary, can moor in the south-western dock, near the area reserved for fishing boats. In summer, when the harbour is very crowded, boats can moor on the external side of the dock, where depth reaches 4 m.

The quay is equipped with a gas station, water and electricity columns, 2 slipways and a mobile 15-ton crane. The city is about 1 km far; here, you can find garages, grocery shops, restaurants and hotels.

When approaching the harbour, a reference point is represented by Ile Pietra, a red island with a lighthouse. When sea is rough, it's better to pass off the islets of Brucciu and Piana, located north of the island, paying attention to a non-signaled rock south-east of Ile Piana. At night, the lighthouse in Ile Pietra indicates the route to follow through its white sector.

To enter the harbour, keep east of the lightouse and then set course to the green light of the breakwater and the green one in the marina. Pay attention to fishing boats and ferries sailing in the area. The harbour is well-sheltered from all winds, so it's accessible in any weather condition. Only northerly winds can be ennoying. Please contact the Harbour Authority for mooring instructions.

Ile Rousse is a popular tourist destination in the region of Balagne. The old town raises near a large bay marked by a white-sand beach and a red-granite peninsula which gives name to the island. The city is also an ideal departure point to discover the hinterland.

In summer, the island hosts the Sea Urchin Festival, a typical product of the region.