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Harbour of Ajaccio Tino Rossi

Located inside a well-sheltered bay, Port Tino Rossi, the old harbour of Ajaccio, has 4 floating piers and an inner quay for big boats.

The harbour is located in Bassin de la Ville, between Cittadella breakwater on South and Cappuccini dock on North.
The harbour is open at any time. Among dangers, the Cittadella's rock is south of the lighthouse and it is signaled by a red light on a conic red tower.

The harbour of Tino Rossi is equipped with 300 mooring places for boats up to 50 metres.

The only mooring ban is signaled at Napoleon quay. Recreational boats can moor at the dock near the red light on the left of the entrance.

Hardships are represented by east and south winds while south-west winds can often generate a remarkable undertow.

The harbour offers the following services:

  • gas station
  • fresh water and electric charging columns at the quay
  • linesmen
  • mobile cranes up to 40 tons
  • boat storage
  • boat repair and maintenance

The Gulf of Ajaccio  is well-indicated on maps and it extends from Punta de la Parata until Capo Muro. If you sail at nigh, we recommend to keep distance from Sanguinaires Islands and set course to Ajaccio, paying attention to Guardiola's Rocks.

Near the Gulf of Ajaccio, there's another harbour, located east of the bay, which belongs to a military base and whose entrance is not allowed to recreational boats.

The harbour of Ajaccio is the ideal point to reach Southern Corsica and its wonderful cities, such as Bonifacio and Propriano. Moreover, it's the departure point of ferries to Tolone.

Walking along the old harbour of Ajaccio is a charming and nice experience, not only for the picturesque atmospheres of the place but also for the important history of Ajaccio, bithplace of Napoleon, the founder of the first French Empire.

It's not by chance that Ajaccio is considered the most Frech among the Corsican cities, despite its Genoese origins.