Port De Taverna 

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Located on the eastern Corsican coast, near Cervione, and well-sheltered from two docks, Port de Taverna can receive 464 boats up to 25 metres and with a maximum draft of 3 metres. Guests are provided with drinkable water, electricity, a gas station, Wi-Fi, waste collection, a slipway, a garage and a 50-ton travel lift.

Entering the harbour can be dangerous in case of strong east and north-east winds. If you come from the southern side, a good reference point is the lighthouse of Alistro, a grey octagonal tower located next to a red house and the village of Cervione. On the northern side, on the contrary, the aeronautic white-dome radio beacon and the buildings north of the harbour are very visible. If you come from Bastia, please be careful when approaching the pipeline of Lucciana, signaled by several buoys. Keep distant from the coast.

To enter the harbour, set course to the eastern dock and then bypass it at a distance of 20 metres and enter the wet dock by letting the northern dock on your right. Approach the quay located just opposite the harbour entrance and reach the Coast Guard's Office to riceve instructions.

The white-sand beach of Porto Tavernadi is very popular and crowded by windsurfers and scuba divers. In the surroundings, you can find many coffee bars, restaurants and a camping site. You can rent beach umbrellas, sun chairs, paddle boats and beach equipment. The beaches of Cala Coda Cavallo, Cala Brandinchi, Lu Impostu and La Cinta aren't far.

Cervione is one among the most important municipalities of Corsica.

The town is rich of picturesque narrow alleys and traditional houses and it hosts the baroque Saint-Erasme's cathedral and the Bishop's Palace.

The region of Castagniccia is named after the numerous chestnut trees which cover it and it is characterised by high green hills and stone villages. The area is rich of churches, windmills and bakery shops. Chestnut flour is a precious ingredient for the poor cuisine of the region, together with many cooked meats and cheese.