Port De Solenzara 

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Located south-west of the mouth of Solenzara river, Port de Solenzara is a well-shelltered harbour which can receive 450 boats up to 30 metres and with a low draft at floating piers.

The structure provides its guests with water, electricity, a gas station and a supermarket.

A cell phone repeater at the bottom of Quai d'Arment and a 10-metre pole equipped with a light are two good reference points to find the harbour. If you come from the Gulf of Porto Vecchio, you can easily see Gulf San Ciprianu and Pinarellu on the coast, together with the tower on Ile et Pointe de Fautéa and Anse de Favone surrounded by houses. If, on the contrary, you come from South, you will see the lighthouse of Alistro located at the top of a small hill, a tower inside the mouth of Tavignano river and the military air base of Solenzara. We recommend to pass at least 500 metres from the coast when approaching the air base in order to avoid the low rocky bottoms of the area. Some white buoys and an illuminated cardinal one indicate the no-sailing zone near the pipeline located about 700 metres off Solenzara.

To enter the harbour, set course to the eastern dock and then to the entrance channel on the right, paying much attention to the presence of some rocks between the two eastern docks signaled by some red buoys. The entrance is hard in case of south-east winds and at night. Before mooring, approach the southern wet dock and wait for the Port Authority's instructions.

Solenzara is a small village surrounded by long white-sand beaches, such as Canella and Favona, which marks the border of the municipality, Scaffa Rossa, Solaro, Tarco and Fautea

The hinterland is characterised by several hills and valleys, populated by many species of animals and plants. Along the Solenzara River, you can find lots of wild enchanting places. The area offers the possibility to enjoy many experiences in the nature, such as riding or mountain bike excursions, trekking, walking tours, climbing and canyoning.