Port De Sagone 

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Located south-east of Cargese in the namesake bay, protected by Pointe de Triu on its northern side, Port de Sagone consists of a small quay, a 30-metre pier and 160 mooring buoys. Depth varies from 2 to 3  metres and the quay offers a gas station, water, electric charging columns, a crane which can lift up to 4 tons and some minimarkets.

The harbour offers a good shelter from mistral. When sea is rough and a south-western wind blows, the gulf can be very dangerous, so it's better to look for a shelter in the Bay of Liscia. Here, the quay is rather far from the town and there are no services; a second anchorage is on the eastern side of the beach, near the village but it is exclusively reserved for local fishing boats.

The tower located west of the dock serves as a reference point while approaching the harbour. If you come from the western side, you must pass Pointe de Triu and Pointe Allbellu by keeping a certain safety distance. If, on the contrary, you come from south, you must keep Petra Piombata, Récif de Paliagi and Récif de St-Joseph on your right until you see the tower and the dock. Since there are no lights, entering the harbour is not recommended at night.

The Gulf of Sagone is located on Southern Corsica, between the Gulf of Ajaccio and the Gulf of Porto in the western side of the island. Sagone, an old Roman city, is a small modern village today hosting a Genoese tower, the remains of St. Appian's cathedral (XIIth century) and some menhirs. The long beach of Sagone is the most popular attraction of the site. Plage de Coggia is another popular beach, followed by Tiuccia and Liscia.

In the surrroundings, holidaymakers can visit some small villages which develop near Liamone and Gravona rivers, such as Sari d'Orcino, Calcatoggio and Casaglione, famous for their gastronomic products and good wine.