Port Of Torre Annunziata  

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Situated south of Torre del Greco and little north of Castellamare di Stabia, the harbour of Torre Annunziata is one among the most crowded commercial ports in Campania.

It consists of a 1,100-metre-long western dock and a 200-metre eastern one, each equipped with quays. The port is completely exposed to southern and south-eastern winds.

A dock in the innermost part of the structure can receive fishing boats and hosts some boat slips. Another dock in the innermost part of the eastern jetty, on the contrary, hosts the offices of the Port Authority and Customs and the old spaces of general markets.

Many areas of the port are managed by some cooperatives, private societies and yachting clubs.

The port is often reached by strong winds coming from the second and third quadrant, which often provoke an insidious undertow in the surrounding waters. Moreover, during the afternoon and in almost all season, northern winds usually blow in the harbour and become northerly wind at night.

When entering the port, please pay attention to the presence of some mooring posts on the left, at the inner breakwater.

Despite the essentialy commercial and fishing function of the harbour, yachtsmen, too, are allowed to moor there.

The piers reserved for recreational boats are located along the western dock and they're usually managed by some yachting clubs.

A yard is available to offer assistance and techical services to yachstmen.

Unfortunately, however, the structure presents no filling station; so, those who need some fuel will be obliged to reach the near harbours of Castellamare or Torre del Greco.

Among the services provided, there's also a grocery store, while many coffee bars, banks and supermarkets are easily reachable in the surroundings.

Those who enter the harbour of Torre Annunziata can certaily enjoy a breath-taking view on Vesuvius and Sorrento Peninsula.

Called "Oplonti" in the past and entirely buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, today Torre Annunziata hosts the excavations of what remains of the ancient Roman city. A railway station is located not far from the port itself. Trains lead to Pompeii, Herculaeum, Naples and Sorrento Coast.

Despite its past "grandeur", the harbour is now living a transition moment. The area, in fact, is under a redevelopment plan which aims to create a link road between the port and the motorway, in addition to the re-opening of the southern entrance of the port, an important dredging work to remove all the actual insidious sandbanks and some general improvements within the harbour.

The Port of Torre Annunziata represents an excellent starting point to visit the beauties of central-southern Campania.