Port Of Scario 

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The Port of Scario raises along the Gulf of Policastro, in the namesake hamlet of the municipality of San Giovanni a Piro.

The port includes a 260-metre-long outer dock and a 80-metre inner one, in addition to a 210-metre-long quay. The last 60 metres of the outer quay are reserved for recreational boats, together with some additional areas managed by some private cooperatives.

A white light placed on the beach, south of the harbour, makes the entrance in the port easier, even though it isn't particuarly visibile to those coming from West.

The port offers several services and an appreciated slipway, in addition to an excellent shelter from western wind. However, it is entirely exposed to sirocco and north-east wind, even in summer.

The port is very crowded in summer by both sailors and scuba divers who can rent their equipment at one of the numerous rental points available in the area.

Moreover, Scario is the starting point of some pleasant cruises (organized by some private local societies) to Palinuro, Marina di Camerota and the charming Porto degli Infreschi.

Equipped with a large car parking, the structure offers, however, no filling station (the closest one is 400 m far from the port). 

Scario often hosts some sailing races, such as that of the Gulf of Policastro and Forabosco, organized by the local seat of Lega Navale.

San Giovanni a Piro is part of the protected marine reserve " Coast of Infreschi and Masseta", inside the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park. Consequently, the maritime area around Scario is subject to a particular regulation.

The promenade offers the possibility to have a plasant walk amongst lots of cafeterias, rastaurants and shops. Anyway, the port itself offers a grocery store.

From Scario, the coast slopes to Punta degli Infreschi, hiding a plurality of small beaches and wonderful coves which will make any sailor happy.

The landing places of Ascea, Casalvelino and Acciaroli are a little more distant but always easy to reach.

If the coast is popular for its wild beaches and crystal-blue waters, the hinterland, too, deserves a visit. A 45-minute excursion among very ancient olive trees, for example, leads to the centre of San Giovanni a Piro, at the foot of Bulgheria Mountain, where visitors can enjoy a breath-taking view on the Gulf of Policastro. If you prefer move by car, the travel takes just 10 minutes.

If, on the contrary, you love trekking, you will certainly appreciate one among the numerous mule tracks clamering in the Mediterranean vegetation.
By renting a car, you can easily reach many interesting destinations, such as the remains of the old Velia, the famous excavations of Paestum, the beautful Medieval village of Teggiano, with its well-known castle, the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park or Chartreuse of Padula, the largest chartreuse of Italy.