Port Of Palinuro 

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Palinuro is a small private marina located inside the northern cove of Capo Palinuro.

The artificial landing port is made up of a 200-metre quay and a dock which can receive small fishing boats.

Recreational boats can use the numerous mooring rings available at the quay or some mooring buoys inside the basin and enjoy an efficient mooring/unmooring assistance service.

For those who moor at buoys, the marina make available some mobile floating piers for the loading/unloading operations. Along the quay, on the contrary, yachtsmen can find some electric charging columns. The marina offers some other services, such as Wi-Fi, surveillance, mechanical and electric repairs and weather forecast.

Palinuro is the largest hamlet in the municipality of Certola, in the province of Salerno and it is part of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, one among the most beautiful natural parks in Italy.

The town seems to take its name from the mythologic figure of Palinuro, the Aeneas' helmsman, dead on these beaches.

According to the history, however, the name of the town comes from the Greek words "pain" (opposite direction) and "oùros" (winds), maybe with a reference to the strong winds usually blowing on the promontory.

Palinuro is a coastal town particularly crowded in summer which attracts crowds of tourists thanks to the beauty of its landscape, beaches and crystal-blue sea.

The port of Palinuro is certainly an excellent starting point to visit the numerous grottos and coves surrounding Capo Palinuro or to reach Buondormire Beach, a picturesque and pure place accessible only by sea.

By renting a car, visitors can easily reach the Cilento and Vallo di Diano Natural Park and explore the charming hinterland.

In September 2014, the port hosted an important sailing competition called "Molpé's Sails" (part of the "Cilento Coast" sailing circuit) which involved four other villages: Acciaroli, Casalvelino, Pisciotta and Sapri.

The port of Palinuro is a good landing port for your boats and interesting starting point to discover a piece of haven which will certainly capture your heart.