Marina Chiaiolella  

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Situated in the south-eastern shore of Procida Island, perched in a well-sheltered bay between Punta Solchiaro and Punta Mezzogiorno, Marina Chiaiolella is a charming port which offers many services. Protected by an eastern and a western dock, the port offers two quays and several piers managed by some private cooperatives. The main pier is located in the western side of the port: with its particular T-shape, it can receive big boats.

While entering the marina, boats must follow the center line. Entrance is signaled by two lights, a green fixed one placed in the eastern dock and a red one located on the western dock.

The structure offers a plurality of services, such as a grocery store, Wi-Fi, car parking, coffee bars and restaurants.

The marina is overlooked by the green hill of Santa Margherita and enjoys a wonderful view on an old picturesque fishing village hosting many colourful small houses.

The beach of Ciraccio is not far and offers a good sandy sea bottom and a safe shelter from winds of the second and third quadrant.

Near the marina, there's also a bus stop, very useful if you want to explore the whole island by bus or reach the near Vivara, Procida or the beaches of Capo Miseno.

Together with Ischia and Vivara, Procida is part of the protected marine area of Neptune's Kingdom, a natural oasis which aims to protect sea bottoms and local aquatic plants and animals. Consequently, fishing and all activities which might damage them are striclty forbidden or specifically ruled. In the eastern part of Vivara's Coast, however, any activitiy, bathing and sailing included, are not allowed.

A tour around Procida will allow visitors to discover the charming beauties and nature of the area and enjoy breath-taking views on the sea.

Procida is an excellent starting point to reach Ischia ( 4 miles far) and the port of Pozzuoli (6 miles far). Capri, on the contrary, is 15 miles far.


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