Port Of Cetara 

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The port of Cetara raises near the city of Salerno and it is one among the ports available along the Amalfi Coast.

It consists of a 140-metre outer dock and a 250-metre inner one. It is generally occupied by small and fishing boats. From May to September, some floating piers, managed by a municipal service society, are added and represent the only area where recreational boats can moor in summer.

During the rest of the year, on the contrary, they can moor at the first part of the outer dock. A series of information plaques placed at the quay explains the rules for the stay in the port, according to the different kind of boats.

The port is well-signaled by a red light placed at the end of the outer dock and a green light located at the top of the inner jetty.

The port also offers a car parking and a grocery shop.

In summer, the port is very crowded and finding a mooring place can be very difficult. Anyway, you can stay at anchor just behind the quay, on the condition that weather is good and sirocco doesn't blow. From there, you can easily reach the beach of the port by your tender. This beahc is nice and small and the village, made of white houses and squared buildings, seems to be perched between the sea and Falerio mountain. In summer, you can rent a sun bed or a beach umbrella at the local beach resorts. In the surroundings, you can find some coffee bars, restaurants and shops.

Cetara was born as a small fishing village and it still preserves most of this nature which makes it an interesting destination even in winter.

The historic centre is small and quiet. Many buildings dating back to the IIIth century - like the bell tower - suggest a glorious medieval past.

The port of Cetara represents an excellent starting point to reach some other destinations along the Amalfi Coast, such as Salerno and Agropoli, which are 2 and 24 miles far respectively.

But the structure is also surrounded by many coves and small beaches, such as that of Marina di Erchie. Sea bottoms around Cetara will certaily make scuba divers happy. In particular, in the area of Punta Fuenti, at a depth of 10 m, divers can visit the remains of an ancient private Roman port, still well-preserved