Port Of Capri 

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The port of Capri, the most important one of the island, is situated in the hamlet of Marina Grande. Its location inside a natural bay makes it well-sheltered from winds and waves. Moreover, the inner area of the port is protected by two artificial quays.

The main dock is the western one, equipped with a long quay and three branches while the outer dock is on the East, with two branches, a quay and some floating piers.

The port is divided into two different areas thanks to a inner dock which creates two separated basins: on the East, there's the area reserved for tourist and fishing boats while the western basin receives passenger ferries and commercial vessels.

The beautiful island of Capri attracts many cruise ships but, since the port can't receive them, they dock offshore and carry passengers on some taxi boats.

The port raises in the northern side of the island, a little far from the centre of Capri. Anyway, you can easily reach the centre by bus, taxi boat or the famous funicular.

The tourist basin offers 300 berths, 30 of which are reserved for transiting boats. The port is accessible only by boats which are no longer than 60 m; boats which are longer than 30 m are required to receive a specific authorisation.

Inside the port, yachtsmen have to pay attention to the intense maritime traffic and give way to outgoing boats.

Moreover, boats mustn't exceed 2 knots.

The port offers a plurality of services, such as illuminated quays, drinkable water, electricity and a filling station, which provides patrol, diesel and mixture and it is open from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00.

The structure also provides its guests with a slipway, 3 mobile cranes (up to 40 tons), covered and outside garaging areas, a 24-hour surveillance service, weather forecast, pilot service, mooring assistance, scuba divers and repairs on wooden and fiberglass boats.

Yachtmen can also enjoy an efficient waste collection service, toilets, showers, a car parking, coffee bars, restaurants, supermarkets and a pay phone.

In case of sirocco and auster wind, we recommend to prefer the safer Marina di Caterola; in case of western-winds, on the contrary, you'd better to reach Grotta Bianca.

Since sailing, transiting and many other activities are not allowed in some areas of the coast, we recommend to contact the local Port Authority in advance for further information