Marina Di Arechi  

General Data


Dock Services


A safe marina on the Amalfi Coast

Marina d’Arechi is situated near the city of Salerno, next to the Amalfi Coast, Capri Island and Cilento area. It is one among the most important Mediterranean ports thanks to its 1000 berths for boats ranging from 10 up to 100 m and a whole body of water of 340,000 square  metres


The structure of the port

  • 730-metre shore quay
  • 231-metre inner dock
  • Southern quay (278 m)
  • Northern dock (240 m)
  • Southern dock (210 m)
  • Outer dock (1.180 m)
  • 21 piers and quays
  • Cement and floating piers


This is a 7,000-square-metre area, equipped with a travel lift with a maximum range of 220 tons, a fixed and a mobile crane. The yard offers professional technical repairs and maintenance services on boats up to 40 m.



  • Transit
  • Monthly/six-monthly/annual berths
  • Berth purchase
  • Front Office and Conciergerie
  • Mooring assistance
  • Car parking
  • Video surveillance
  • Anti-pollution system
  • Control tower and control room
  • Taxi boat
  • Waste and oil collection
  • Brokerage
  • Administrative facilitation in port
  • Ellectricity at the quay up to 6MW
  • Sewage pump-out
  • Gardens and promenade
  • Lounge Bar and restaurant with on-board delivery
  • Baby club
  • Bike Sharing
  • water sports
  • Laudry