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Soverato is a town in the municipality of Catanzano, Calabria, situated in the southern shore of the Gulf di Squillance. Defined the "Pearl of the Ionian Sea" for its beauty, the marina is considered one among the most attractive ports of the gulf. The marina raises on the coast of the namesake town and it is composed by a pier called Marina Uno and an equipped beach, where boats can moor at two multi buoy mooring berths run by Rancraft Yachts Spa society. Berths are exclusively available in summer.

The marina offers 40 berths in water and 100 places on a dry dock. The maximum length allowed for sea mooring is 30 m. The structure offers some essential services, such as surveillance, a car parking and technical repairs.

In addition to a breath-taking sea and some wonderful beaches, the town hosts some Greek ruins and many natural parks. The Ionian Sea is very deep, with an average depth of 4000 m which can even reach 5000 m around the Peloponnese. Along the coasts of Taranto and in the Gulf of Squillace, however, sea bottoms are not too deep.

The Gulf is subject to frequent spring seastorms and strong winds blowing from the northern and southern quadrants. In spring, libeccio and sirocco reach the gulf, while in winter north-east and northerly winds often cause violent storms. In summer, even though wind calms down, sailing here can be difficult because of the differences in temperature from an aerea to another.

The difference in salinity between the Ionian Sea and the Strait of Messina, in their turn, cause some violent streams. These particularly hard conditions don't make the area around Soverato an interesting destination for fishermen and scuba divers, who prefer the quieter Gulf of Taranto.