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The history of the port is closely linked to that of the namesake city, whose ancient origins mix together myth, history, legend and the images created by picturesque surrounding landscape.

According to the tradition, Scilla, the daughter of King Megara, would have helped Ulysses to conquer the lands under the domination of her father.

At the end of the terrible story, the Cretan king refused to marry her and abandoned Scilla to the sea waves, which carried her body until the foot of a promontory situated 12 miles from Messina that finally took the name of the girl. According to some historic sources, waves of populations sailing in this sea to South would have later founded some villages along the lower terraces of Aspromonte ridge.

Since they were fishermen, they probably chose to establish their settlements in the aerea close to the central cliff of Scilla, where the presence several rocks was favourable to fishing and the construction of some sheds. The port of Scilla, in fact, is situated just below the cliff hosting Ruffo Castle.

Over the centuries, this port has represented a safe shelter for all boats crossing the Strait of Messina and later a fishing harbour for local people. Still today, the slipway and the quays of the port receive many fishing boats, especially those used to fish swordfish.

The port of Scilla consists of a single L-shaped dock equipped with quays and mooring bollards in the inner part and a single quay provided with slipway: quay "Ruffo di Calabria" is reserved for recreational boats, quay "Scoglio di Ulisse" (Ulysses' Rock) is dedicated to fishing boats while the outer dock receives cargo ships and police boats.

The rocky sea bottom is particularly insidious because of some rocks and strong streams generated by libeccio.

All services are run by Boat Service, which has also installed two multi-buoy mooring areas with 100 mooring places, open from May 1st to September 30th. The service includes mooring, continuos surveillance and return ferry ticket. Special discounts are guaranteed at the local boatyards for wintering and maintenance.

In addition to fishing, another important activity in Scilla is tourism. The city, in fact, attracts crowds of tourists not only for its sea and beaches but also thanks to its natural beauties and buildings.