Marina Laghi Di Sibari 

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Situated within the Gulf of Taranto, Marina di Sibari is an ideal starting point to sail to the Adriatic, Sicily, Malta, Greece or Turkey. Extending over a 430-thousand-square-metre body of water, the marina includes 15 piers which can receive 2800 boats. Sea bottom is less than 3 m deep. In addition to the normal nautical services, the marina offers technical assistance, a filling station, a 15-ton-mobile crane and a travel lift with a maximum range of 50 tons.

Before entering the marina, yachtsmen are required to contact the control tower or use it as a reference point to locate the entrance channel. The marina raises in a coastal lagoon, the so-called Sibari Lakes, which flow into the sea through Strombi channel, situated north-west of the mouth of River Crati. The entrance of the channel is protected by two small well-signaled docks and it is visible from a distance thanks to two illuminated buoys. While entering the channel, it's important to follow the instructions given by the control tower and sail about 500 m carefully, entering on the left through a mitre door. In case of strong north-eastern and south-eastern winds, entering the channel is not recommended. The port of Schiavonea can be useful as a shelter in this case.

Sibari Lakes offer a large beach (about 2.5 km long) accessible by private boats or ferries. As an alternative, you can also reach it by shuttle bus or foot. From June 1st to September 30th, all beach resorts are open.

Founded in the 8th century BC, Sibari was the oldest colony of Ancient Greece. Today, it is a hamlet of Cassano all'Ionio and raises on the same territory of the ancient city. Popular for its beaches, it also preserves the ruins of the ancient city thanks to a museum and an archaelogical site located south of the town. Moreover, Sibari is an important agricultural centre, where rice, citrus  fruit and peaches are grown.

The culinary tradition of Sibari includes many fish dishes, fresh pasta, tagliatelle with chickpeas and baked bread. Cicerata, giurgiulena, turdilli, cannaricolli, vecchierelle and bocconotti are some among the typical sweets of the region.