Le Castella 

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Le Castella is a hamlet of Capo Rizzuto island, in the province of Crotone, Calabria. East of it, there are a marina and a fishing port. The latter includes two docks: the bigger one can receive vessels and fishing boats with a very deep draught, while the smaller can host tourist and recreational boats.

Situated in a bay opposite the village, the marina is used by private boats with a maximum draught of 2 m and no longer than 18 m. Its northern dock is sheltered from all winds but boats mustn't have a draught deeper than 2 m. The area marked by two small breakwaters, on the contrary, is frequently subject to insidious undertows.

Entering the marina is possibile from dawn to dusk. In autumn, eastern winds and sirocco often generate dangerous seastorms. During the rest of the year, however, winds are rather weak, except from libeccio. The marina also hosts an interesting archeological site: the great Greek Caves, particularly famous in the past for the extraction of stone, generally used in civil construction.

The area around the new marina also hosts the remains of some Medieval city walls, originally erected on some more ancient Greek walls and the ruins of an ancient gate used as watching point to prevent enemy invasions. The video below shows the damages provoked by a terrible seastorm in 2013.