Crotone Porto Nuovo 

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The new harbour (Porto Nuovo) of Crotone lies on the southern Ionian coast of the Calabrian city, separated from the old port (Porto Vecchio) by an industrial area situated at the foot of a promontory.

While Porto Vecchio is a tourist port which can also receive some small fishing boats, Porto Nuovo is an industrial and commercial port. However, with the authorisation of the Port Authority, recreational boats, too, can enter the harbour.

Because of the particular configuration of the coast, with two bays developing from the city to Capo Colonna and Cirò Marina, the port of Crotone was already founded in the 7th century B.C. by an ancient Greek colony. Thanks to its strategic position in the middle of the Ionian basin, the port developed fast as a nerve centre of all trade routes in the Mediterrean Sea. After a period of decline in Middle-Ages, it started its activity again in the 16th century under the Spanish domination, even though the real revival occured between 20's and 30's of the 20th century in connection with the industrial boom of the area.

Protected by a long inner breakwater and a smaller outer one, Porto Nuovo encloses a 120-thousand-square-metre basin with an average depth of about 8.5 m. As signaled by local governments on their websites, the area is sometimes subject to a very thick fog which can seriously reduce visibility. Moreover, a submerged wreck, signaled by a red signal, lies about 0.5 far from the main dock. For further information about the wreck, please take a look at charts.

The main hardships are represented by northerly wind and those blowing from the first and second quadrant in winter, while, in spring, the area is usually reached by winds from the first quadrant. In particular, northerly wind and sirocco can be very strong in winter. The safest anchorages in the surroundings are south of Capo Rizzuto and north of Capo Colonna.

Being a commercial port, Porto Nuovo di Crotone offers a pilotage service for bulky vessels.