Bocche Di Gallipari 

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Le Bocche di Gallipari is a marina in the municipality of Badolato, in the province of Catanzano and within the Gulf of Squillace. The marina offers about 300 berths and it faces a crystal-blue sea, always appreciated by tourists. The golden-sand beach raises opposite the marina.

Badolato is a Medieval town, situated not far from the Ionian coast and opposite the mountain zone of the so-called Serre Calabresi.

It dates back to 1080 and it was seriously damaged by some earthquakes over the last centuries and a flood in 50's. Every year, in late August, it hosts an important music event called "Tarantella Power". Serre Calabresi are part of the Regional Natural Park of Serre, a protected natural area located between Sila and Aspromonte.

Around the marina there are no marine reserves and the Gulf of Squillace extends from Capo Rizzuto Island to Punta Stilo di Monasterace.

The whole gulf is considered dangerous and, in fact, many shipwrecks occured in this strecth of coast. Until the 19th century, there was no natural harbour and the area was subject to violent winds and storms.

The marina, run by S.AL.TE.G society, consists of three quays and five floating piers, all reserved for recreational boats. The structure offers about 300 berths for boats ranging from 6 up to 16 m.The entrance is marked by two lights (a red one on the left and a green starboard, both with a range of 5 miles). The marina is well-equipped: in addition to illuminated quays, water and electricty, it offers a mobile crane (with a maximum range of 25 tons), a wintering area, a parking and technical staff for repairs on engines and hulls. The area is always very crowded beacuse of the incredible beauty of the sea and the presence of many bars, restaurants, hotels and pubs in the surroundings. Visitors can also enjoy some quiet free beaches, natural areas and beautiful historic buildings