Marina Di Policoro 

General Data


Dock Services


Situated in municipality of Marinagri, Marina di Policoro is a modern and well-equipped marina which includes the so-called Marina Village, a residential area with many houses and apartments.

The structure offers 750 berths for boats ranging from 8 up to 30 m. The limestone docks extend for 250 metres towards South-East and they reach a depth of about 5 m. Entrance and inner channels, on the contrarty, have a mininum draugth of 3.50 m.

The structure of the marina

The marina is equipped with an undetow-fighting dock located inside the port entrance. Berths are well-oriented according to the main winds's direction.

Marina di Policoro is equipped with an electronic control system which recognizes the boats provided with trasponder and generates an alarm in case of no-authorized vessels.

The shipyard offers the following services:

- Launch and haulage with travel lift (100 t) and crane for small boats

 - Bottom washing with high-pressure power washer

- Anti- fouling varnish application

- Winter garaging area

- Ordinary maintenance on inboards/outboards

- Maintenace and repairs of hulls and decks

- Technical assistance for electric systems, navigation tools and on-board equipment

- Technical assistance for rigging and deck equipment

- Cleaning and repairs of internal/external pillows, carpeting and upholstery

 - Sanitation