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Situated in the municipality of Maratea. at the western slopes of San Biagio's mountain, the marina of Maratea encloses two large docks.

The name "Port" appeared first in the 18th century, when the structure consisted of just a simple docking for any boat in winter. In 1962, the first part of the modern harbour was completed but, in 1987, it was partially destroyed by a terrible seaquake.

The first Italian harbour leaded by a woman, today that of Maratea is a modern and popular marina in the Gulf of Policastro. Starting and departure point for many boats, it is a reference point for anyone loving sea. The marina was conceived as an evolution of the ancient simple docking, able to provide its guests with relax and comfort.

The marina is also an important tourist attraction, surrounded by many restaurants and pubs.

The original project envisaged a single large northern dock and a smaller one dividing the port from the beach club. In 70's, it was enlarged with a new dock which completely closed the beach club by increasing the real capacity of the harbour.