Puerto De Vueltas  

Tourist port


Dock Services


The mouth of the inner dock of this port in the southwest of La Gomera is open to the SE. Sailing in the N direction, reach the nose of the dam and turn to NW to stay at your shelter. Near the mouth of the same there are several lows but that do not involve greater risks for the maneuver of access of small boats. After enlargement, a new (external) dock was opened, also open to the south-east, with better access conditions, without the problems of the victims, which allows the berthing of commercial ships and cruisers up to 200 m. of length. The port of Vueltas may be affected by the swelling of the southern component, although the mooring provides sufficient security for most of the year, given the relative low incidence of southern component storms.

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  • 1544117879867_GOMERA1.jpeg