Porto Deportivo De Cangas 

Tourist port


Dock Services


The marina of Cangas is located on the N coast of the Vigo estuary, between Cape Balea and Punta Rodeira.
Once the lower Borneira that are marked by white and red tower to its NE is reached Punta Balea, anteroom of the cove of Cangas do Morrazo, with an amplitude of 1.2 M and a depth from the delay to 058º between Balea and Rodeira of 0.7 M.
In Punta Balea, there is an islet and the ruins of an old factory with a non-practicable jetty.
The entrance to the port is frank, making it as for all of the Vigo estuary, by the main channel and approaching the N, identifying buoy nº 8 of Salgueirón.
Precisely this low is the only obstacle that we can find. We can leave the buoy by Br or Er and sailing to the N we will have the tip of the jetty by the bow.
The other dangerous point is more towards the interior of the estuary, the Rodeira basses, which are also delimited by another buoy.
The entire dock basin is protected by a shelter dike of two alimeacionas:
Starting from land at 096º, a 296-meter breakwater breakwater that serves as a dock and where the mariner's huts are located.

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