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The Nautical Club of Portonovo was founded on August 15, 1992 in an assembly held in the premises of the Portonovo fish market, with forty people interested in water sports and interested in promoting them in the area. It is located in the Pontevedra town of Portonovo, municipality of Sanxenxo. Its first president was D. Juan Salle Barreiro Pérez.

From the beginning the company was very linked to Portonovo and felt a vocation to serve as a meeting place between its inhabitants and partners who come from outside, united by the same passion: the sea.

The Nautical adopted the shield of Portonovo as a pennant: two crossed oars on a yellow and white cross with a blue background.

It started with a boat service during the summer months, but the increase in members, and therefore demand, made it necessary to extend it to twelve months of the year.
Its foundational aims are, among others, the enhancement in its area of influence of water sports, especially sailing, fishing and diving, which has its respective sports sections, federated and sailing and underwater activities.
Currently, the Yacht Club has more than 330 members, their families and 160 boats. It has seamanship all year. The provisional headquarters are located at Calle Rafael Picó 44º. That stays open all year.

Since 1993, a sailing school has been trying to consolidate this sport among the youngest. El Náutico has a fleet of thirteen boats: seven Optimist type, four cadet type, one raquero and one vaurien.

In the framework of the sailing or cruising competitions, the Club organizes since 1996, in the month of August, the two-day Trophy Hotel Galatea, included in the calendar of the Galician Vela Federation. This race has been scoring since 2003 for the Galicia Cruise Cup. Also since 2003 Another cruise regatta is celebrated in the month of July: Estrella Seguros Trophy.

At the beginning of 2002, a section of underwater activities was created in which recreational diving classes were given, equipped with a standard Coltri MCH 16 compressor and material for diving outings.

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